Latest News
  • Treasurer Wanted

    Our club needs a treasurer, let anyone on the committee know if you can help out?

  • Club starts back

    Summer club one more week, then club starts back on 19th Aug

  • Junior League

    Dates are now available.

  • Disability Badminton

    We are looking for more disability badminton players. 

Scotstoun Badminton Club                                        

Our club meets almost every Friday's from 7-9pm in the National Badminton Academy within Scotstoun Sports Campus in Glasgow (G14 9HD).

We have seventy members between the ages of 7 and 17.

The club is accredited with Glasgow Life Clubmark, see about us for more about the club..

Badminton is a sport accessible to all, we run disability badminton on Sunday evenings.

The club is supported by one of the world's leading badminton brands  

Our next generation..., 8+ give the world's fastest racket sport a try

Last Updated 23rd June 2016